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Together with your help, we contribute 3.33% of the purchase amount to the development of forests in our country.

No obligations - already included in our store prices!


    Scientists predict that if we do not create change, the Earth’s temperature will rise by 3-4 degrees by the year 2100.
    When we cut down a forest, we don’t just lose trees, we also lose oxygen.

    Trees help regulate temperature, reduce emissions and supply the earth with oxygen.

    Every merchant knows very well how many different resources are required for the customer to finally receive their order.
    Electricity, packaging, transport, etc. – all of them produce very significant amounts of emissions and we become a drain on the entire ecosystem.

    The consequence is that the natural habitats of thousands of species disappear.

Did you know that

  • bears have their favorite trees where they like to scratch their backs. Bears have been spotted venturing several kilometers to their favorite tree, all to scratch their backs.
  • ¬†Just like people, trees also use “Facebook”. They communicate with each other and distribute nutrients through an underground network.
  • From 1990 to 2015, 129 million hectares of forest were cut down in the world, this is an area larger than South Africa.

Our calculations follow ISO-14064, ISO-14040, ISO-14044 standards and go BEYOND them